We ask individuals to please consider joining our COVENANT PARTNER INITIATIVE wherein you pledge a minimum offering of $240.00 that can be given incrementally throughout the calendar year or all at once.

As a Covenant Partner, YOU will help us to…

  1. ensure we have the resources needed to accomplish the ministry work of our association,
  2. eliminate the need for multiple offerings during our ecclesiastical assemblies and
  3. effectively do ministry in the areas of Mission, Evangelism and Education.

Benefits of Being a Covenant Partner

  • Access – to our Corporate Partners
  • Armed – with our Florida East Coast Mobile digital resources
  • Assistance – in Local Church Growth Development
  • Alliance – with us in Kingdom Building (Evangelism • Missions • Christian Education)

Contributions can also be mailed to:
P. O. Box 740447 Boynton Beach, FL 33474-0447